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WL99 Intelligent Connected bag Counter
Date:2012-11-8 20:33:33

WL99 Intelligent Connected bag Counter

WL99 Bagged Cement Counter --- the first brand of counters for China cement industry.

Benefits & Features:

1. Special for cement factory with easy and convenient operation.

2. Precise counting, high speed and durability

3. Available for single bag counting, connected bags counting and batch counting.

4. Intelligent to identify connected cement bags with “the method of two-pass belt speed compensation”.

5. Intelligent to identify little stack bag with “the method of irregular continuous cement bags compensation”.

6. Photoelectric isolation of signals and strong anti-interference

7. Storage function in case of power off to prevent data loss.

8. Elegant appearance, available for external connection with several large screen displays.

Function and purpose:

1. Single bag counting: available for automatic absorption of interference pulse on cement bags and belt for precise counting.

2. Connected bags counting: set normal parameters of each bag so that the number of continuous bags can be identified intelligently according to the parameters of a single bag.

3. Batch counting: available for setting and displaying the number of single bags (0-60000); when the number reaches the setting value, counter will output flash alarm signal “AL” and a set of switching control signals (5A).

4. When the counting number reaches the setting value, counter will be reset automatically or manually; then input code to reset counter according to requirement.

5. Advanced alarm before reaching the setting value for batch: the bags before alarm can be set by inputting code according to requirement.

6. Accumulation of total number: check the total number of counts (0-9999999) (reset by inputting code)

7. Malfunction alarm: when inductive head is detected abnormal or continuous bags exceeds 10 bags, the counter will send a set of relay switching signals for alarm (5A); this switch can connect to alarm bell or stop belt.

8. Automatic Control: Relay switching signals can realize automatic control of the secondary circuit of packaging line. (Such as control packing machine, belt, pushing machine and loader as well as connect to alarm bell etc.)

Main technical parameters:


Rated power voltage:



Range of operating voltage

85-110% of rated voltage


Count input mode

optoelectronic input, .proximity switch input


Counting range

Batch counting: 0-60000

Accumulative counting: 0-99999999


Working model

accumulative counting


Identification of continuous cement bags

2-10 bags


Supply power consumption



Operating ambient temperature

-10+50 C without condensed water.


Reset mode

manual/automatic reset


Output contact

normally open and closed



keep opposite photoelectric switches aligned and inductive head clean.

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