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SQ/2 Large Character Inkjet Printer

Product Numbers: 2012118162939

Price: US $

Product description:SQ/2 Large Character Inkjet Printer

SQ/2 Large Character Inkjet Printer
Features and Benefits
High Quality Pint on Any Type of product
Squid ink’s SQ/2 ink jet printing system allows manufactures to print high quality dot-matrix characters on a variety of products at a cost-effective price .In fact ,the SQ/2 offers the lowest price per printed character in the industry today. Users choose between two models: a water-based system for printing on non-porous products (plastics, stretch wraps, metal, glass, etc.)
User Flexibility
SQ/2 users also have the option of choosing from several different printing configurations .Three different print sizes are available: 3/4’’, 1/2’’or 3/8’’character height .All pinheads are capable of printing both 1/4’’to 3/4’’.Users also have the flexibility to run one of two pinheads at any time .All of these components are field installable for future upgrade to meet your application’s changing requirement.
User-Friendly System
The SQ/2 is designed of simple day to day operation.SQ/2’s state of the art input device provide quick and easy message programming and storage for up to 64 messages .The input device software walks users through a series of prompts to program and save each message for printing on-demand.
Innovative Technology
Patented micro-channeling technology eliminate the need for a costly array of fluid valves.
Squid Ink uses its own plunger technology and distributes ink through a series of channels, keeping production and maintenance costs to a minimum, especially when compared to the costly value technology common in most ink jet prints today.
No more service calls
The SQ/2 was engineered inside and out for industrial strength operation .Heavy duty gauge coated steel cabinetry ensures continuous operation in harsh, real world environments. If the printer does fail ,a fix can be completed in less than five minutes .Quick and easy-to-install replacement pinheads and PC cards minimize downtime and eliminate costly service calls. Best of all, the water-based SQ/2 utilizes Squid Ink’s patented SQ-60TM no-clog ink, allowing users to leave the ink in their pinheads for an extended period of time without flushing or cleaning, making it the most cost-effective ,low maintenance ink jet printing system available today.
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