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Z9 Touch-screen Inkjet Printer

Product Numbers: 2012118165047

Price: US $

Product description:Z9 Touch-screen Inkjet Printer


Z9 Touch-screen Inkjet Printer


Features & Benefits:

Systematic Functions for Wide Applications


l  10.4 inch color touch screen display/

l  Control and input by touching the image and word show on the screen.

l  Copy or transfer messages and parameters by USB interface.

l  High-speed processing and transferring with computer the strong network.

l  Convenient matrix editing, Mass memory messages. 

l  High-capacity SD card to store information.


High Reliability


l  Advanced negative charging technology to ensure printhead clean and stable.

l  Sophisticated viscometer to ensure a stable viscosity control.

l  IP55 rated cabinet suitable for different application environments.

l  Real time monitoring & alarming function.


Compact and Durable Printhead


l  Reliable new design gunbody.

l  Streamline sensor: automatically stop printing in case of streamline fault.

l  High voltage shut-off switch to ensure operation safety.




l  Convenient logo edits function.

l  Expiry date function.

l  Julian date function.

l  Shift function.

l  Two Time objects are availableTime 1 and Time 2.

l  Two date objects are availableDate 1 and Date 2.

l  Two counters are available: Counter 1 and Counter 2.

l  Up to 3 types of date format available: YY/MM/DD, MM/DD/YY and DD/MM/YY.

l  Partial bold function.


Technical Specifications:


Control Unit


Control Panel:        Membrane touch button

Cabinet:             Stainless steel cabinet rated to IP55

Cabinet Dimensions:   560mm X 400mm X 245mm

Weight:              25kg


Print head


Main Conduit length:   3m, (Max. length: 5m)

Positive air:           Optional


Print Characteristics


Fonts:               5x5, 7x5, 9x7, 12x12, 16x16, 24x24, 32x32

Printing lines:         Up to 5 lines (5x5 dots)

                     Up to 4 lines (7x5 dots)

Printing speed:        Up to 1811 cps 5x5 font, single line

Printing heights:       2-15mm

Throw distance:       Up to 30mm

Printing orientations:   Upside Up, Upside Down, Mirror Up, Mirror Down


Other Characteristics


Language Versions:   English, Chinese, etc.

Message library:     Up to 100 messages

Logo library:        Up to 100 logos for each dot matrix.

Characters per line:   Up to 506 characters (5x5 fonts)

Message editing:     English and Chinese characters, Numbers, Variable date, Time, Counter objects, Expiry date, Different font logos, Julian date and Shift.




Electrical requirements:    110/220VAC, 50/60Hz

Ambient Temp:           5-45

Humidity:               30-95% (non-condensing)

Communication interface:   USB, Ethernet and RS232 interface and etc.

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